• The College admits students irrespective of religion, race, caste, creed and sex, subject to reservation of seats as per Government norms.
  • Admission to Honours and General courses are done exclusively on merit basis.
  • Students desirous of getting admission have to apply in printed form available from the office on payment with the following documents :

                  Mark Sheet and Admit Card of previous examinations (original
                  and two attested copies by the Head of the Institution last 

  • Caste/PH Certificate (in case of SC/ST/OBC/PH students) from the appropriate authority.
  • School or College Leaving Certificate from the Institution last attended.
  • Two copies of passport-size photographs (unattested).
  • Transfer Certificate in case of students coming from another college.
  • Migration Certificate in case of students coming from the other University/State.
  • Certificate of proficiency in Games and Sports, Music, Dance etc.if any.

With a view to ensuring quality education and efficient management of classes of the General subjects in Arts faculty all the subjects have been bunched into four groups. Students are directed to select maximum two General subjects for Honours course and those pursuing for General course will have to select maximum three General subjects from a group and also their preference for selecting the groups offered to them at the time of submitting application for admission.

As the intake capacity of the subjects like Geography, Physical Education and Defence Studies in General Degree level is limited, selection in these subjects will be made on the basis of suitable test / interview etc.


As per the existing regulations framed by the affiliating University i.e., the University of Kalyani, an Honours student is examined on two Honours papers and two General subjects in his/her Part-l University Examination. Part-ll University Examination involves another set of two Honours and two General subjects. Part-Ill University Examination involves another set of four Honours papers.

A General course student in the college studying three subjects offered in a selective group/bunching as laid down by the affiliating university. Part-l University Examination involves a paper from each of the three subjects. Part-ll involves two papers from each of the three subjects, whereas Part-Ill involves only one paper in each of the three subjects.


Strict attendance of classes must be adhered to. Students attending less than 75% classes held have to pay a fine (fixed by the college) and students attending less than 65% classes are not sent up for final examination in any case.