This NAAC accredited degree college started its journey long back in the year 1962. With time the college has grown in its desired destination. It was only in the year 2009 that I took over the charge of the Principal of this college and have been trying to explore its strength in every possible dimension. I believe ‘Vision’ alone does not suffice to grow in the right direction, ‘Mission’ also plays a pivotal role. Our ambition is not only to grow but grow in proportion. It is true that the number of class rooms, teachers & other basic requirements do not meet the present need of the students. We have not given up nor do we have any shortage of willingness.I firmly hope our realistic and sincere endeavors will succeed in putting this college on a much higher echelon which it deserves. On behalf of the college I welcome all the visitors of this website and seek effective suggestions for the development of the college.