The democratically elected Students' Union of the college is a responsible organization. The Students' Union has an Executive Committee and a Games Commitee. Every student of the college is the member of the Students' Union and annually participates in the election of the office bearers of the Union namely the General Secretary (G.S.), the Vice President (V.R) and the Games Secretary, and the other members of the Executive and Games Committee. Its activities are ^guided by its own written constitution. It is an apolitical organization. The Principal of the college is the President of the Union. He can, however, delegate his power to a teacher who can function on behalf of him. The Students' Union cooperates in performing various extra­curricular activities and motivates students to participate in the different social and cultural activities. The elected G.S. of the Students' Union is an ex-officio member of the Governing Body of the college. The Students' Union helps in maintaining a healthy relationship among the students', teachers, non-teaching staff and the college administration.